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What Kind of Roof Do You Have?


Tile roofs are constructed with many small tiles made out of concrete, they offer protection for the underlayment beneath the tile. To browse what kind of tiles we use, click here, or here.


Shingles are granulated asphalt membranes that covers a pitched roof. They overlap each other to create a protective covering over your underlayment. If you would like to view the different types and colors of the shingles we use, click here.


Foam roofing has a plywood deck base with a polyurethane foam, and sealed with an elastomeric roof coating. This ensures your roof is protected and waterproofed. An upgrade of this is choosing to receive a 2-ply base for a longer-lasting roof.


The more upgrades you do for underlayments, the longer your roof will last.


The most common underlayment for a tile roof is G 40 and Boral 40. As an upgrade, we can move up to a boral tile seal. We can also upgrade to a synthetic underlayment that offers even more protection.


The most common underlayment for a shingles are a 15 or 30 pound heavy-duty roofing felt. We are also able to upgrade this to a synthetic underlayment to offer even more protection.

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